About Quixicon

Quixicon is an app made to help you expand your vocabulary in foreign languages using flash cards. It is completely free.

Main principles

  • Users can decide what words and phrases to study by making up their own collections. Fill them by creating flash cards one by one or by simply copying them from other collections.
  • You can test your knowledge of each collection. Decide yourself if your answer is correct.
  • Download premade collections from our server or prepare and import your own as a text file.
  • Export collections from the app into a file.

How it usually works

So you are reading a book or watching a movie in a foreign language. If you encounter unfamiliar word open Quixicon and copy this word to your collection from the basic dictionary. Fill your collection, study the words, and test yourself on your knowledge.

There’s a help section in the Quixicon menu where you can learn about the interface and what you can do.

Quixicon supports multiple languages to study but right now premade collections are only for English. With time we will add more. If you would like to help us with different languages, please send us a message.