Resume for a job

Android Developer

My name is Victor Antropov, I’m 39 years old. I graduated from the Omsk State Technical University in 2005 with a degree in electronics engineering. My job has always been related to software development and engineering.

My main interest in my work is to make the developing product useful and user-friendly. I take a responsible approach to my duties. I prefer to work in small teams with strong horizontal connections.

Since 2019 I have been focusing on Android development using Android Studio and Kotlin. Therefore, I am looking for a job as an Android apps developer. But I am also considering position of a product manager.

I am interested in both full time and part time jobs.  I prefer remote work, but working in the office is also acceptable.

My recent Android projects

Omnio – Pulse diagnosis.

You can read about this project and download the app here:

I can’t provide the code, as this is a commercial product.

Quixicon: Learn foreign words.

It is my personal project which actually a few apps for different languages.

I can provide the project code (Kotlin) on request.

There were also 3 projects that have now closed out.

Details can be discussed in a personal conversation.

Main skills/libraries:

Android Studio, Kotlin, Clean Architecture, SOLID, MVVM, multi-module, git, Dagger, Retrofit, Room, Bluetooth LE, Firebase, camera work, maps, rxjava, coroutines and some others. Also I like to make layouts. It’s better to ask for details if you have any questions. If knowledge of some other technologies is required, I am able to learn quickly.

My other experience as a software developer

Software development for microcontrollers. I had worked this area for many years. Thousands of devices with my software are still working to this day.

Web development (html, css, js, php). I have not worked in this position in a while. Although in recent years, I’ve made a number of websites with WordPress.

My experience in management

From the beginning of my career for many years I worked at the company Intecs, which developed and manufactured security systems. My main responsibility was to develop software for microcontrollers. I also participated in the development of system architecture, provided support to customers, initiated the implementation of new functionality in equipment. For example, I worked on the Irtysh-GSM device ( I also managed an online store selling our company’s products.

In 2017-2018, I came up with a project in the field of Internet of Things. It was a system consisting of various electronic devices connected with new software. I presented this project to The Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises and was able to secure funding. The project was successfully completed in 1.5 years.

While working as an Android developer for a company, I often showed initiative to improve the product. Working with the product manager, I studied the methods used and the workflow and realized I would like to do this work myself.

Since 2020 I also manage my own project, Quixicon, as a hobby. It is an Android app for memorizing foreign words and expressions using cards.

I am familiar with the way of thinking of all employees involved in an IT project, because either I worked in similar position, or we worked together on tasks. So I can easily communicate with people in the following roles:

• director

• project manager

• programmers

• designers

• testers

• marketers

• clients

While working on a project, I prefer the atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration. I’m attentive to the opinions of others and can explain my own.

I am looking for job opportunities outside of Russia.