Words to use instead of very

Синонимы прилагательных со словом Very

Расширяйте словарный запас, заменяя определения со словом ‘очень’ на более емкие

Very angryFurious
Very badAwful
Very beautifulGorgeous
Very bigMassive
Very boringDull
Very brightLuminous
Very busySwamped
Very calmSerene
Very carefulCautious
Very cheapStingy
Very cleanSpotless
Very clearObvious
Very coldFreezing
Very colorfulVibrant
Very creativeInnovative
Very crowdedBustling
Very cuteAdorable
Very difficultArduous
Very dirtyFilthy
Very dryArid
Very easyEffortless
Very emptyDesolate
Very evilWicked
Very excitingExhilarating
Very expensiveCostly
Very expensiveCostly
Very friendlyAmiable
Very funnyHilarious
Very goodExcellent
Very happyEcstatic
Very heavyLeaden
Very hugeColossal
Very hungryStarving
Very littleTiny
Very livelyAnimated
Very looseSlack
Very meanCruel
Very messySlovenly
Very niceKind
Very noisyDeafening
Very oftenFrequently
Very oldAncient
Very old-fashionedArchaic
Very openTransparent
Very painfulExcruciating
Very paleAshen
Very perfectFlawless
Very poorDestitute
Very quickRapid
Very quietHushed
Very rainyPouring
Very richWealthy
Very sadSorrowful
Very scaredPetrified
Very scaryChilling
Very seriousGrave
Very sharpKeen
Very shinyGleaming
Very shortBrief
Very shyTimid
Very simpleBasic
Very slowSluggish
Very smallPetite
Very smartIntelligent
Very strongForceful
Very stupidIdiotic
Very tallTowering
Very thirstyParched
Very tightConstricting
Very uglyHideous
Very upsetDistraught
Very warmHot
Very weakFrail
Very wetSoaked
Very wideExpansive
Very windyBlustery
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